The Tradition of a Mexican Rebozo

Hand made mexican rebozos using ancient pedal loom technique,  for natural birth doula massage, belly binding, babywearing, clothing accesory, home decor, and more...

Amazing rebozo, loved it for sifting in pregnancy and carrying my baby once she arrived! Thank you so much 💜💜💜

So beautiful !!!!! Wonderfully made. Great communication from the seller! Comes with a guide to learn different ways to wrap

We absolutely love our new wrap. The 2.5m length is perfect as a "size2" wrap and stays super cool and secure despite long wear and heat. I couldn't be happier with this and am buying more in different colors right now!


 I love it & very pleased with my purchase! Beautifully made, great quality, and easy to use! Thank you so much!!! Fast shipping from Mexico to AZ! Great customer service experience!!

London, UK

Need Help?

We are happy to help you learning how to use your Mexican Rebozo, please contact us via messenger, whatsapp or e mail:

About Us

I found about babywearing when my second child was born, and I loved so much having her close to me all the time, feeling her little head over my chest sleeping, I could feel her warmth, and smell, that incredible baby smell!, feel her moves, as when she was in the womb but better because I could touch and kiss her all the time.

And so I wanted to share this incredible experience with every woman I could, and beeing a mexican, what a better way to do it than sharing the use of Mexican Rebozos, a piece full of tradition!


Ximena Fernandez


My mission: help you with this magical tool during the fantastic journy of beeing a mom, and make bonding easy...